No matter how sturdy or well-maintained be the vehicle and its parts, they are going to wear out or break down with overtime use. A car’s headliner is one of the most overlooked components of a four-wheeler’s interior. Sun exposure and lack of proper cleaning are some of the common reasons that result in frequent Sagging Headliner Repair.

Fortunately, there are easy ways to fix the issue. But let’s get started with knowing about the car’s headliner.

What is a Headliner in a Car?

A Headliner is the fabric-covered, composite material running along the interior roof of the vehicle. The purpose of headliners is not limited to, enhancing the style and look of your four-wheeler. They are mainly installed for insulating the car in extreme weather conditions (be it hot or cold) so that the heater and A/C can meet their purpose effectively.

Moreover, headliners also help in eliminating noise and vibration from the interiors when the vehicle is moving. It also aids in sound buffering. Headliners aren’t just another fabric-covered metal component of the car protecting the roof of the four-wheeler. They feature two sections.

First is the substrate layer which has fiberglass/cardboard-like material that provides impact protection and structural integrity to the top.

The second is the fabric-foam layer that includes a foam-fitted piece, which is covered with cloth, leather, or vinyl. It provides finishing to the top and enhances the appearance of the car’s interior. It is this final layer of headliners that sags over time with prolonged use.

How to Fix Sagging Headliner Without Removing It?

Listed below are some of the proven ways to fix the headline

#1 – Use Adhesive To Fix the Sagging

Adhesive To Fix the Sagging

The idea is to stick the headliner back to its right position. Headliners are already glued to the top interior surface of the car. Still, it fails overtime with persistent use of the vehicle and results in sagging with overtime use of the four-wheeler.

Reapplying the glue is one of the best ways to fix headliner in a car without removing it. However, this method is recommended in case of partial sagging only.

Apply glue/hot glue in the areas where the fabric of the headliner is coming off from the backboard. Alternatively, you may also use a spray adhesive for securing the headliner back to its place. 2-3 even coating of the glue with 4-5 minutes of drying time for each coating process will do the job. Make sure there are no air pockets and wrinkles when fixing the fabric back.

#2 – Re-secure Sagging Headliner With Thumbtacks

Sagging Headliner With Thumbtacks

Using thumbtack is one of the best yet highly underrated method to fix car roof lining without removing. If you are looking for a handy or quick-fix option of getting the headliner back to its place, then you must probably place your bet on this one. It is the cheapest and fastest of all the methods included in the list.

The best part is you don’t have to deal with any rocket science on following this unique route. Arrange some good quality thumbtacks and fix your car’s headliner to its original condition. However, this method works if there is some sort of hard material like cardboard in the middle layer of the headliner’s construction.

The tacks are pinned on the outer fabric, so there should be a material in the middle layer to hold them. You may even use your creativity and create a unique tacks pattern for adding a bit of charm to the repaired area.

#3 – Stick the Headliner in Its Place Using Twist Pins

Fixing Sagging Headliner Using Twist Pins

They are a real solution to fix the headliner in the car without removing it. These pins are pointed towards the end, and the twisted part is towards their head. Due to its corkscrew design, you have to twist and push it against the surface/board for fixing back the headliner.

These unique pins get locked when they are pushed and twisted in a particular place. They secure the fabric in place firmly. Twist pins are clear-headed, which means the ‘fix’ will be less visible.

Unlike traditional tacks, these pins don’t lose their grip. This means they won’t fall off often; if you want to secure and fix a sagging headliner without removing it, then it’s best to use this option. To the top of that, they are inexpensive and readily available in the market.

A steam cleaner is a handy option to stick back to the headliner. The primary reason for sagging is the glue that holds the headliner to its place starts to lose its stickiness power. A steam cleaner is one of the ideal ways to repair sagging headliner by making it sticky again.

The process is quite easy. Melt the headliner’s glue by running the steamer’s applicator along with the headliner and fix it back to the frame. Using a paint roller during this process is a smart option as it will eliminate the possibilities of creases and wrinkles.

It is advised to run a patch test on the area where your headliner is sagging. The steamer method works if there is still some amount of glue remaining in it. If things go well, you may go ahead, fixing the entire liner. Note that it’s useful, yet a temporary solution ideal for the ones who can’t afford complete replacement of the liner meanwhile.

#4 – Arrange a Double-Sided Tape to Bond the Sagging Headliner and the Surface

All you need to do is arrange a double-sided tape. Cut off the tape in the length required to secure your car’s headliner sags. Place the strip to the liner, peel off its backing and then secure the liner to in its place and bond the two surfaces. It is the best way to repair sagging headliner as it requires a nominal amount of investment. However, you need an “edge” to get this method functioning correctly.

This DIY headliner repair method works in the case when liner sags from the edges of the car’s ceiling. Plus, it brings results if there are small tears in the fabric of the headliner. Small pieces can be easily taped. An adhesive strip may isn’t efficient enough to secure large portions of sagged liner. In this case, the pin method turns out to be a better solution.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Sagging Headliner?

People usually have the misconception that the cost of repairing the car’s liner accounts for thousands of dollars. You need $40 to $50 for fixing the issue on your own. However, if you hire an expert for the job then you may need to bear a service charge in addition to repair cost. In any case, you won’t have to shell out a thousand dollars to fix the interior roof of the car.

Get liner repair quotes from the headliner repair experts in your area. Compare the prices and services offered by the professional before hiring one for your car’s sagging headliner.

A sagging headliner not only annoying but also takes away the appeal of a car’s interiors. Fortunately, the issue is easy to fix without spending a considerable amount of money. Proper evaluation is essential to evaluate the condition of liner correctly so that you can pick the right method for sagging. Irrespective of the method you choose, be assured that the liner repair is always budget-friendly unless you consider the replacement option.