When buying speakers for your car, the most important consideration you make is to choose between coaxial speakers and component speakers. Generally, it solely depends on your sound requirements, budget, and space you have in your vehicle.

Having a good knowledge about each of these speaker types simplifies your selection process and helps you choose the one that best fits your requirements.

In this article, we will take you through a practical comparison of coaxial speakers and component speakers that will demonstrate in detail which one you should choose for your car.

Before we explain to you whether to choose component Vs coaxial speakers, it is important to understand each of these speakers individually.

What Are Component Speakers

Component speakers are a speaker system in which woofers, tweeter, and crossover are separately mounted that make it a more advanced speaker system. It typically includes a pair of tweeters for high frequencies and mid-bass drivers for mid-range frequencies that are matched with a crossover that tunes the frequencies by discarding distortion and undesirable sound elements.

Component speakers are excellent at the sound quality and perfectly handle ultra-low wall-shaking frequencies. It allows you to make a better combination of tweeters, woofers, and crossover where the crossover does not let the drivers stretch to play a specific frequency that it can’t handle. Thus, it gives you a more flexible and clearer sound.

Component speakers, build as a set of multiple units where each unit is installed at different locations throughout the vehicle. Many music enthusiasts consider installing subwoofer as an important component of the speaker that is usually inside an enclosure. These subwoofers are powered by one or multiple amplifiers that make the sound thumping.

What Are Coaxial Speakers

Coaxial speakers are a two-way speaker, connected with two parts- the tweeter and the woofer. The woofer handles low to mid-frequency sound, while the tweeter handles high frequency sound. These are also known as full range speakers that are readily available, designed to take up less space in your car.

Because this type of speaker implies the compact mechanism where all parts are connected inside the speaker assembly, they are quite easier to install. With little knowledge, you can install them yourself and can avoid paying installation charges.

These speakers also come with three-way models that allow you to increase clarity and detail of the sound. 3-way coaxial speakers are almost similar to 2-way speakers but it has an additional speaker, mostly a tweeter for enhancing sound quality at higher frequencies.

However, coaxial speakers are considered as the basic type of speakers but some of the coaxial speakers come with higher quality materials and engineering that produce serious bass.

You can also get 4-way car speakers. Four-way speakers include an extra driver apart from the woofer, the mid-range, and the tweeter. It is referred to as super-tweeter that is a small driver dedicated to ultra-high-frequency reproduction.

These coaxial speakers are a better upgrade to standard single cone speakers but they are not as great sounding as component speakers.

Difference between Component Speaker and Coaxial Speaker

Configuration & Installation

The major difference between component speakers and coaxial speakers starts right from their configuration where coaxial speakers follow a compact mechanism, in which all the parts connected into one assembly. With this, you have to take care of only one input connection that makes installation easier and faster. Anyone can install it in a few minutes.

On the other hand, component speakers come with separate tweeters, crossovers, and woofers which you need to install in a way that they can produce optimal sound. Such kind of installation is quite hard and time consuming. You can’t do such installation yourself unless you have great experience and knowledge about it. Usually, you need a professional for this job.

Sound Quality

With component speakers, you get more control over sound beats with their various sound components- tweeters, woofers, sub-tweeters, and subwoofers.

The separate components perfectly play the different frequencies across the spectrum and produce the sound of very high quality. The separate tweeter handles the higher frequencies and woofer ensures more powerful and precise bass.

Coaxial speakers are good but they would not produce the sound of that great quality. You may experience interference at some frequencies due to close proximity to its different parts.

Customization Options

The ability of customization is another vital thing that helps you differentiate between component speakers and coaxial speakers. Component speakers give you more freedom to customize your speaker system by allowing you to add additional components like a subwoofer to reproduce low-pitched audio frequencies and sub-tweeter to produce a high-pitched sound.

Installation is also flexible; you can install different drivers at a different place for better sound quality. Speakers can be installed near the ears of the listener to better impact listening experience.

Coaxial speakers do not have such capability for customization. They have everything in-built that leaves no space for customization. But because of its availability in various sizes, they can be the best fit for many car models whereas component speakers require modification in the interior of the car to make the better sound stage.


Buying a component speaker is an expensive deal. These speakers involve various components woofers, subwoofers, tweeter, sub-tweeter, crossover, and several other add-ons that increase the expenses.

Coaxial speakers combine everything together and don’t require any add-on and additional components. Therefore, coaxial speakers are much cheaper than component speakers.

When it comes to installation, component speakers require a professional job that again costs you some money while coaxial speakers are good for DIY that save installation fees.

What Fits Better

Coaxial speakers are compact in size and designed with space-saving intention, therefore, they easily fit in most car models without requiring any modification. Its ability to fit anywhere makes it popular among those who want hassle free installation.

Component speakers are not the best fit for all car models. In most cars, you will not find mount for tweeter and crossover and you will have to get it built yourself.

Sometimes, you will have to remove many car interiors to get a smooth cable running.

Both speakers have their own features and advantages. When there is a question of component Vs coaxial speakers, you must do extensive research before you dive into the selection process.

Which Speaker Should I Buy for My Car?

The decision to choose either component speaker or coaxial speaker depends on what you are looking for in a speaker. If you want to enhance the sound quality by installing superior component such as woofer for precise bass and tweeter for clean highs then component speaker is the best speaker for your car.

But if money is a constraint for you, choose coaxial speakers as the car audio equipment that usually come with a lower price tag and still have good sound quality. The installation is also far easier. However, most of the coaxial speakers are not going to sound like component speakers but yet they are a reasonable choice.


Which one is better for you depends on your sound requirement and budget you have. After whole research, we conclude that component speakers are superior to coaxial speakers and you should go for it if you have money and time for installation.

But if you are only looking for a decent replacement for the factory-installed speakers within a short budget, coaxial speakers can be a better choice.