Wondering what’s wrong with your car stereo system?

Well, in most cases, the audio components get failed with old age, or sometimes you do something with audio parts that is beyond their limit, for example, you crank the volume without knowing that whether the speaker can handle it or not.

Sometimes, component miss-match and poor installation also lead to car stereo problems.

Here, in this article, we will talk about the most common car stereo problems and also tell you some tricks that would help you solve these problems easily.

Car Radio Stopped Working Suddenly

When you find that the radio has suddenly stopped working in your car, the reason is most likely that it is not getting power from the power source. The disconnection from the power source can happen due to a couple of reasons, either the problem is in the wiring or the fuse is blown.

If the radio turns off intermittently, the problem may lies in the ground connection where the loose connector gets out of its place by a bump in the road and again comes back into place only to start the radio all over again.

If the stereo’s display and radio both turns on and off together, it means the stereo is not getting enough power.


  • Radio turns off when passing through a corner or a bump – the loose connector is the culprit
  • Radio goes off at irregular intervals – the problem lies in the ground connection
  • Radio does not turn on at all – there is either a wiring problem or a blown fuse

How to Solve

  1. To resolve this issue, first of all, you need to check whether the fuse is blown or not. You will need a multimeter to execute this test.
  2. After connecting the multimeter lead to the metal cap of the fuse, check if the reading is recorded.
  3. If you find the reading is being recorded, it means the fuse is not blown. Alternatively, the multimeter will not show the reading if the fuse is blown.
  4. If the fuse is not blown, check for the wiring issues or the loose ground connector and do the fix.

Car Stereo Stopped Working no Power

If your car stereo suddenly stopped working, it is most likely that the stereo is not getting 12v power. Another thing could be that the amplifier is in protection mode, if it is so, then either the alternator is producing too much power or the battery is low, both scenarios will trigger the amplifier to protection mode and cause your stereo system to stop functioning.

This may also happen if the signal RCA wire is shorted out or the speaker is blown out. But don’t worry, such issues are much easier to fix.


  • There are frequent head unit cuts out

How to Solve

  1. The first step is to check the power wire, check if it is sending 12v power to the stereo system.
  2. If you find that it is doing its job perfectly, then check the battery, see if the level of battery water is low, if it is so, then refills it and turn on the stereo system to check if it is working or not.
  3. If it’s still not working, then look for shorted out wires and blown fuse. If you find any of the wires shorted out or the blown fuse, then replace them.

Car Stereo Has Sound But No Bass

Missing bass is the car stereo problem which happens when factory speakers are replaced and aftermarket speakers are installed.

But to understand how it actually happens, you should know how the bass is produced. When speakers push air at the same time, the bass is produced.

But if one speaker pushes air while the other pulls air, this virtually kills the bass because this causes speakers to be out of polarity.

Another reason for car stereo malfunction could be that aftermarket speakers are heavier which amplify the sound quality but eat up a lot of bass sound.


  • Bass is missing at all frequencies

How to Solve

  1. First of all, check if the speakers are connected to the wires correctly means the positive terminal is connected to the positive terminal of other components. The same applies to the negative terminal.
  2. Another best thing you can do is adding an external amplifier which will solve the no bass problem.

Car Stereo Has Power But No Sound From Speakers

When suddenly sound goes off from the speakers, this accumulates to a number of factors. Staring from the speaker wire, it may have become loose or the amplifier is getting overheated and causing the sound cuts off.

Check the wire connection from the amp and speaker terminals itself. If the wire connections are correctly and firmly connected then overheating amp could be the real culprit that might not be getting enough airflow to dissipate heat.


  • The sound from car speaker suddenly cuts off and comes back after a while

How to Solve

  1. The most essential thing to do is to ensure that amp is getting enough airflow to keep the unit cool.
  2. If you find that amp remains cool at all times, then look for faulty wire connection from speakers and ensure they are firmly connected.

Unwanted Noises in the Car Audio System

There are plenty of sources of unwanted noise and some of the most common ones are Alternator whine and voltage spike in a particular accessory.

If the ground for either the stereo or speaker’s amplifier establishes a poor connection and the battery is also poorly charged, all this accumulates to alternator whine. When this happens, the noise fluctuates with the speed of the alternator.

Another reason for unusual and unwanted noise is the voltage spike in the electrical components like headlight, windshield wipers, and brake which uses a high voltage of current.

When any of these components is turned on, a sudden voltage spike is caused that transmitted to the sound system and you hear a sharp pop making the sound unpleasant.


  • Alternator whine rises and falls with the engine speed
  • A sharp pop sound is heard when you switch on high current car components

How to Solve

  1. For alternator whine re-ground the component that is producing noise using a solid clean chassis metal. Also, make sure that charging connections are strong enough to power the components.
  2. To resolve the issue of voltage spike between audio components, the best thing you can do is to place a capacitor between the audio component producing noise and its ground.
  3. This will absorb the power surges and prevents their travel to the audio system.
  4. If still, the problem persists, it means the speaker is broken and needs replacement.

My Car Stereo Getting Hot

Generally, the normal heating up of the stereo system is quite obvious as a lot of electrical components heat up while running up.

But if it becomes extremely hot, this could be an indication to something dangerous that can either damage the internal parts of the stereo system or also cause fire.

The major cause of Car Stereo Overheating Problems is incorrect wiring. This can happen in two ways, either the wire is connected to the wrong terminal or the wires are combined where they need to run separately.


  • The stereo becomes too hot in a while after turning on

How to Solve

  1. The inspection of the entire installation and wiring is must. If the installation and wiring setup seems perfect, then use a high-quality RCA cable.
  2. If still, the stereo overheating persists, then either go for the complete servicing of stereo system or replace the whole system.

Head Unit Has Not Power

If the stereo stops powering on, it is most likely that wire connection is not connected firmly. Another probable cause could be that the wire itself not transmitting current due to a short in the wiring. If this is not the case, then it could also be possible that fuse is blown.


  • The symptom for this problem is the head unit cuts out

How to Solve

  1. Check the wiring harness from all points – speakers, power, and other accessories and make sure no wire is loose or shorted out.
  2. If you find any of the wires is shorted out, then remove the wire and replace it.
  3. Check that the fuse is not blown if it is so, then replaces the fuse with the same rated fuse.

Car Stereo Make a Buzzing Sound

The buzzing sound is the most common problem with the stereo system that we hear most often. This problem is associated with a number of factors.

Generally, it happens when the bass level is set too high that the speaker can’t handle. If it also creates popping sound then it could be possible that amp is too powerful that the speaker can’t handle the power it receives from the amp.

This can also happen when any object touches the speaker cone while it vibrates and causes buzz sound. A distorted voice coil may also result into a buzz sound.


  • A poor grounding point
  • Continuous crappy sound

How to Solve

To solve this problem, first of all, reduce the bass level, if the buzz sound stops, it simply means your stereo can’t handle this much bass. If it seems amp is too powerful for the speaker, then connect the speakers directly to the stereo without connecting to the amp and check if the buzz sound has stopped.

You should also ensure that no object is touching the cone and voice coil is also in good shape. If you find that the voice coil is distorted, then it needs to be replaced.

If after doing all this troubleshooting, the problem still persists, it means the speaker is blown out and it requires replacement.


We hope this article has provided you some of the best and easy car stereo troubleshooting methods that will help you identify and solve most common stereo problems, but if still, you do not succeed in resolving the issues, you should take your sound system to the service center.

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