Driving along the road, suddenly, there are blaring piercing sounds coming from your car. This puts you in confusion, but it wreaks havoc on your senses and ears. It’s embarrassing enough that bystanders look at you in a funny way, but you just can’t seem to know what the problem is and how to fix it.

It’s a certainty that most car owners who have had an alarming problem have experienced their car alarms going off suddenly at night with no threat of a burglar insight. It’s a nuisance for not just them, but their neighbors, and no one wants a statutory nuisance case on their hands.

Asking yourself questions most car owners with this problem do, ‘why does my car alarm keep going off?’ this could be due to a bad wiring connection, a malfunctioning key fob, a dead battery, or even as minor as not closing the doors properly or debris in your hatch sensor.

This article will walk you through some of the most common reasons car alarm keeps going off and enlighten you with detailed solutions to the problem.

Reasons Why Car Alarms Keep Going Off

Here are some of the possible reasons for a car alarm to keep going off, and they include:

1. Dead Battery

Finding your car battery dead is a sure indicator of something going wrong with your car battery and car. A bad car battery can create a series of problems for your car, including the pesky car alarm issue you’re having.

Usually, car alarms go off overnight or run-down battery power for prolonged periods. If your car can still come on, it’s unlikely that the battery is the issue; it means something else is at fault.

Consider using a voltmeter to measure the charge on your battery. A reading below 12.6 volts certifies a car battery problem.

2. Malfunctioning Key Fob

A key fob is also known as a car remote key. It is a small plastic controller with a short range of radio transmitters generally used in keyless entry systems. These transmitters send signals to a receiver unit in the car.

Usually, when a key fob is in good condition, the controller locks and unlocks the doors; it also starts the engine with just a slight button push. A malfunctioning key fob sends incorrect signals to the receiver unit in the car and can trigger the car alarm system to go off.

3. Corroded Battery Terminals

A dead battery is one thing, while a corroded battery terminal is another. The rust forming on the battery terminal can cause charges not to flow properly and may not give off the usual power needed by the different car parts. The computer system in the car may interpret this as a low battery and trigger the car alarm system.

4. Wiring Problems

With the issue of why your car alarm keeps going off for no reason, the culprit is a problem with the wiring connection several times. Cases of disconnected wiring or faulty electrical wiring that links to components like batteries or car sensors set off car alarms.

Major Indicators of a wiring problem are flashing headlights and horn blares alongside the loud wails of the car alarm system. If this isn’t the case, the car alarm issues may be coming from another fault.

5. Faulty Door Lock Or Trunk Sensors

Most car door lock sensors are designed to act up during rainy weather due to the rain seeping through the lock’s actuator connector. It triggers the car alarm and wears out internal wirings and causes them to fail. These sensors are tricky since they are generally installed inside the door lock actuator.

6. Weak Shock Sensors

In addition to your door lock or trunk sensors, shock sensors can set off a car alarm. The most sensitive sensors would go off the bat just by being bumped against. Different cars have different shock and movement sensor types. Sensor sensitivity is usually dependent on having a factory or an aftermarket alarm system.

7. Poorly Installed Alarm System

If you just got a new aftermarket alarm system installed and it keeps going off randomly, there’s a high probability of something not being set up accurately. Factory alarm systems in aftermarket cars mostly provide basic level security and anti-theft protection, which most car owners opt for. It’s known that aftermarket car alarms are often not properly installed. It could be as minor as a missed sensor or crossed line. A telltale sign of an inaccurately installed alarm system is if the alarm keeps going off at night.

8. Defective Hood Latch Sensor

Excluding a poor alarm system installation, other sensors in your car can cause the nuisance of the car alarm system tripping randomly. The hood latch sensor has an electric switch sensitive to the hood being opened or closed.

When a hood sensor is in good condition, it illuminates lights in the car’s dashboard by picking up on your hood being open or closed. A faulty hood sensor is affected by various factors like debris, dirt, and engine grease collection, which causes the alarm system to trip.

9. Issues With the Control Module

The ECU (electronic control unit) are intricate device especially seen in newer car models. Every sensor part of the car’s alarm system reports to the alarm control unit. These units rarely act up, but when they do, they send false signals to different car components tricking the car’s alarm system into thinking the car’s security has been compromised. This causes the car alarm to go off randomly.

10. Defective Hood Hatch Connection

In the case of a hood hatch sensor not being the problem, a defective hood hatch connection should also be considered. When the hood hatch connection is faulty, incorrect signals and readings like airbag lights on the car’s dashboard are seen when there’s no issue with the airbags function. Although a faulty hood latch connection is seldom the issue, it can always happen.

How To Turn Off a Car Alarm That Keeps Going Off

Here are the quick ways of turning off a set-off car alarm that’s causing serious mayhem, and they include:

1. Turning On the Car

In cases of a sudden car alarm system tripping, the good idea is to start the car. The car’s ignition system has an anti-theft security device, and when the car identifies its owner by turning it on, the blaring sounds of the alarm should stop.

2. Disconnecting Fuse:

If turning on the car doesn’t work, there are other tips to fix the car alarm that keeps going off. Dislodging the alarm fuse from the fuse box can solve the problem. No power means no alarm. Detach the battery terminals first before pulling the fuse to avoid casualties. Pulling out the fuse usually means your car won’t move for that moment, but it stops the nuisance of a wailing alarm system. This method is not applicable to older model cars since modern cars have an integrated alarm system in the central electronic module.

3. Resetting Alarm System

The alarm system can be reset for security systems that come with their alarm control units. Checking the systems manual for guides to do this should stop the alarm trip off.

4. Disconnecting Or Replacing the Battery

Disconnecting the battery is another sure way of stopping your car alarm wails. If a low battery is an issue, the first thing to do is recharge the car battery with a battery charger fully for 24 hours. If the voltage keeps dropping below 12.6 after charging or the battery is dead, you may have to completely replace the battery.

5. Locking And Unlocking the Car

The lock and unlock buttons on the key fob can sometimes stop the alarm. If that doesn’t work, use the physical key inside the plastic controller to lock and unlock the car doors.

6. Changing Key Fob Battery

In most cases, changing the key fob battery to a new one would sort the problem of the car’s alarm system going off randomly and overnight.

7. Checking Sensitivity Settings

If you have an aftermarket alarm system or your alarm system was installed from the factory. The sensitivity settings are usually reached with a good scan tool. These settings are reached in some modern car models from the car’s display settings. Checking the system manually for any sign and reducing the sensitivity can quickly solve the annoyance of a set-off car alarm system.


A constantly tripped-off car alarm system is a frustrating experience and a safety hazard. Not knowing if a burglar or a malfunction set the car off is a nuisance and experiencing the issue publicly is downright embarrassing.

There are lots of reasonable causes why your car alarm keeps going off for no reason, as written in the above article, and some of these reasons are as minor as unintentionally pressing the panic button or leaving the car door open to major issues like a bad battery or resetting a newly installed alarm system.

When the roots of these ear ringing problems are found, there are several ways to stop a car alarm. This article provides these guides to ensure maximum satisfaction and safety while driving your automobile.