If loud and crisp and clear music is what attracts you immediately, you would like to add it to your existing audio system.

A perfect subwoofer can add that missing spice to your car audio that is effective at creating the powerful and quality sound of the bass. By adding the best-powered subwoofer you will enjoy the totally different listening experience that is not possible with a common speaker.

But how would you know which one is the superior to others, checking variety of products may take lot of your precious time, therefore, to help you narrow down your choices, we have compiled this great list of 10 best powered subwoofer car after testing and analyzing each and every feature of the products so that you could have only the best of the best product.

Best Powered Subwoofer Car


Rockford Fosgate P300Best of Overall

  • Intelligent turn on or off function
  • Thermal and voltage protection
  • Remote control
  • Detachable ground
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JBL GT-Basspro12With Built-in Amplifier

  • Signal sensing
  • Die-cast aluminum basket
  • Remote Level Control
  • Built-in-amplifier
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Kicker 11HS8 150WBest Hideaway Powered Car Subwoofer

  • Auto turn-on switch
  • Wired remote control
  • Built-in amplifier
  • High and low level inputs
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Cerwin-Vega VPAS10Sturdy Underseat Subwoof

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Kenwood KSC-SW11

  • Steel basket+rubber surrounds
  • Wired Remote Bass Controller Included
  • No additional amplifier required
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Rockville RVB12.1A 12

  • Durable and Long-lasting
  • Built-In Low Pass Crossover
  • Designed for installation ease
  • Clean and crisp bass
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Infinity Basslink 200W

  • Soft start turn-on
  • Wired remote bass level control
  • High-pass filter
  • Auto turn-on
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Dual Electronics SBP8A

  • Steel backplate
  • 2 inches voice coil
  • Durable rubber surround
  • Rich music customization
Top Pick

Rating: 4.6/5

#1. Rockford Fosgate P300 12 Powered Subwoofer


  • 300 Watt Class-D monoblock
  • Built-in 0°/180° phase switch
  • Low-Level & High-Level Inputs
  • Frequency range 35-150 Hz
  • Detachable ground and power connector
  • Intelligent turn on or off function
  • Thermal and voltage protection
  • High-efficiency, the low current design
  • Remote control
  • Bass boost equalizer and low pass crossover

If you are looking for a powered subwoofer that is easy to add to your existing system without taking up the hassle of choosing amplifier and subwoofer separately, then this all-in-one Rockford Fosgate powered subwoofer is the solution for you. It comes with a sealed enclosure that produces a deep sound with optimum sound quality. The vinyl coating over its surface protects it when you install it.

It comes with 12 AWG input terminal that enables low-level and high-level inputs together so that you can manage according to your requirement and convenience. The 300 watts of Class D amplifier leaves an excellent frequency output range between 35 Hz to 150 Hz along with protection against overheating. Its inbuilt equalizer easily adjusts the level of sound to produce deeper bass.

Another interesting feature is the remote control system that adds convenience to it. However, it is a little expensive but its excellent build construction delivers really solid bass quality that is all worth the money.


  • Budget Friendly
  • Excellent build construction
  • Powerful bass
  • Bass boost EQ
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight


  • The plywood panel housing the inputs is a bit thin
  • There’s some slight distortion when using a bass boost at high volume
  • Requires a big car boot

Built-in Amplifier

Rating: 4.7/5

#2. JBL GT-Basspro12


  • 150 watts RMS and 450 watts peak power
  • Die-cast aluminum basket for solid sound performance
  • Signal sensing
  • Frequency Response between 35 Hz to 120 Hz
  • 8-inch enclosed subwoofer
  • Built-in-amplifier

It is certainly the Best Powered Car Subwoofer in terms of functionalities and durability. Its 12-inch cone is perfect for producing very powerful and deep bass with automatic on/off functionality. What makes it unique is its ability to sense signal which automatically turns on the subwoofer when it detects an audio signal. The compactness of the unit makes it easier to fit under the car seat that is usually not possible with the other basic models.

It comes with a few standard features like optional wired control remote, low-pass crossover and boosts control which allows you to adjust the level of the subwoofer at all times.

The open design keeps the powered speaker’s motor cool, which ensures better performance and dilutes distortion even at the highest levels. When it comes to installation, it’s like a breeze. This is the best option for those wants an all-in-one subwoofer with a great sharp look.


  • Rugged build looks great
  • Durable and well-designed
  • Provides deep distortion free bass
  • Easy to install
  • Silver powder-coated bars that prevent any accidental impact
  • Intuitive remote and auto on and off make operation a breeze


  • Bass sound can be a bit underwhelming
  • The unit is heavy and somewhat large
  • Low Watt Amplifier

Top Pick
Kicker 11HS8 150W Hideaway Car Audio Powered Subwoofer

Rating: 4/5

#3. Kicker 11hs8 150W


  • 8-inch woofer and 150-watt amplifier
  • Frequency response: 25-120 Hz
  • Auto turn-on switch
  • Wired remote control
  • Compact powered subwoofer
  • Built-in amplifier

Kicker stands out for its excellent audio quality and compactness which takes this sound system to the next level. However, it is compact in size yet it delivers strong bass which is clear and pretty loud.

There are several more reasons for that this unit deserves to be listed in top powered subwoofers – these are its inbuilt 150 watts amplifier that assures for giving deeper bass without needing any separate car amplifier, remote bass control that allows you to adjust the bass level and fine tune it, and its quick to connect power plug with nylon straps provides secure yet simple installation.

This is the subwoofer that you can add in your car without caring about the space. This small yet powerful subwoofer comes with tons of sound customization that makes it an ideal option and worth recommending.


  • Compact design
  • EQ boost
  • Deep, clean and clear bass
  • Lightweight
  • Gain control
  • Remote bass
  • Aluminum cone
  • Wiring harness
  • Easy to install


  • Higher price range
  • Some rattling noise at high volume

Top Pick

Rating: 4.6/5

#4. Cerwin-Vega Mobile VPAS10


  • Woofer Size 10″
  • Peak power handling 550 Watt
  • RMS: 200 Watts
  • Frequency Response: 75 – 150Hz
  • Impedance – 2 Ohm
  • Adjustable Input Sensitivity
  • Delayed Soft Remote Turn On

This is a compact and low-profile 10-inch powered subwoofer that can fit in any model of car without struggling to create extra space for the sub.

Despite its relatively small size, it is a super efficient unit that can produce an extremely powerful and punchy bass. Its cast aluminum housing unit includes 10” woofer powered by a 450 Watts amplifier that all makes it so powerful.

In order to tune the bass as per your liking, it includes Adjustable Input Sensitivity that gives you the freedom to set the bass the way you want. You will also get impressed with its remote turn on a feature that prevents ear shock by delaying the turn on the feature.

This is also equipped with a thermal protection unit which helps in dissipating heat and keeping it cool even after playing music for several hours. So, with this device, you can play music at high volume without caring about overheating.

If you are looking for versatility, this model is perfect for you which come with lots of customization options. However, this unit is a bit expensive but if we look at its optimum bass quality and ability to fit in any space it highly worth to recommend.


  • Compact and low-profile
  • Cast aluminum body to prevent overheating
  • Bass boost
  • Phase switch
  • Thermal protection
  • Adjustable low-pass filter
  • RCA inputs
  • Many customization options at the back


  • Can be little tricky during installations
  • Higher price range
  • Tends to cut out after some hours of use
  • A bit challenging to tune the sub

Top Pick
Kenwood Ksc-sw11 Compact Powered Subwoofer

Rating: 4.4/5

#5. Kenwood Ksc-sw11 Compact Powered Subwoofer


  • 75 Watts RMS, 150 Watts peak power
  • Sensitivity is 110dB
  • Frequency response between 35 to 150 Hz
  • Wired Remote Bass Controller Included
  • Compact subwoofer
  • Powered design, no additional amplifier required
  • Steel basket+rubber surrounds

This is the most reasonably priced subwoofer that comes with a range of features – super-lightweight, compact and enclosed – this model looks pretty well in every car. Kenwood KSC – SW 11 is intended for those who have a limited budget but want to have a good level of functionality. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong if we call it the Best Budget Powered Subwoofer Car.

It is capable of producing loud and clear bass with less power and this is the only subwoofer that performs so well with a sensitivity rating of 110 dB.

However, the size of the bass is not much appropriate as an under-seat subwoofer yet it is a great addition to an existing audio system whose performance is one level above the average one.

It also comes with a remote that means adjustments can be done with much ease. But remember that its built-in-amplifier has only 75 watts of power capacity means it’s nowhere going to shatter your car windows. So, if you love the extremely loud music then it may not worth your consideration.


  • Super small form factor takes up no space at all
  • The durable aluminum case looks great
  • Installation Ease
  • Excellent build quality
  • Adds quality bass to any car audio system
  • Comes with all the mounting hardware


  • Not much ability to customize settings
  • The small speaker means low volume
  • Audio quality depletes at higher volume
  • Impossible to control without the remote

Top Pick
Rockville RVB12.1A 12 Inch 500W Active Powered Car Subwoofer

Rating: 4/5

#6. Rockville RVB12.1A 12 500w


  • 500 Watts Active Subwoofer Enclosure
  • Peak Power: 500 Watts
  • RMS Power: 300 Watts
  • Frequency Response: 30Hz – 150Hz
  • Sensitivity: 93dB
  • Built-In Low Pass Crossover (30Hz – 150Hz)

The Rockville RVB12.1A is a complete audio system that is packed with everything you need out of a car subwoofer – a powerful 500 Watts woofer, built-in-amplifier, enclosed in a box. Its power-efficiency and high-sensitivity are some of the features that take this model to the next level with producing more bass in your car.

When you need a subwoofer for casual music listening, nothing can beat this model which is ten times superior to those factory-fitted subwoofers. With this model, you can easily customize the sound for a better output with its electronic low pass crossover. It also features bass boost EQ which adds more versatility to any car with its high-level input.

Its slim and low-profile design can be installed almost anywhere without affecting the interior of the car. Its thickness is only 2.7” that is convenient to place under a car seat. Thus, it leaves much free space to keep your music booming.

Overall, this sub is the best fit for those who need it only for casual music listening not for the loud thumping sound that can shatter your car windows.


  • Slim form factor means you can just slip it under the seat
  • Will add a nice touch of bass to your system
  • Comes with a full installation kit. Easy to install
  • High sensitivity. Efficient woofer
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Clean and crisp bass with good mid-range
  • Designed for installation ease
  • The low price makes this subwoofer a good option for entry-level car audiophiles


  • Lacks the bass oomph of other subwoofers
  • Inferior build quality
  • Not the much louder woofer
  • Only average level sound when it is under a seat

Top Pick

Rating: 3.8/5

#7. Infinity Basslink 200-Watt


  • Built-in class D 200-watt amplifier
  • Auto turn-on with speaker-level inputs
  • Frequency Response: 20 – 120 Hz
  • Bass equalizer (+3db to -6db)
  • Soft start turn-on
  • Wired remote bass level control included
  • High-pass filter inside the system to eliminate the undesirable frequencies

If you are looking for an inexpensive yet quality bass reproduction without sacrificing much space then this all-in-one Infinity Basslink is all that you need. With its slim profile enclosure, space would never be a challenge. Though it is small yet produces great bass inside your car.

It has the crossover control and flexible EQ that allow you to match the sound of BassLink to your audio system, your car’s acoustic environment, and your listening preferences so that you experience no distortion or any unwanted frequencies.
The only downside is its silver casing that is very visible despite slipping down under the seat.

It’s silver casing doesn’t blend with the shadow properly so, it easily attracts the attention of people who may have the intention of stealing it out. Another thing that affects the ease of use is the lack of a remote. However, it has a slot for a remote but it is not inclusive into the package, if you want, you can buy it separately.


  • Extremely tight
  • Powerful amplifier
  • Excellent design
  • Eliminates undesirable frequencies


  • Highly visible silver casing
  • Lack of remote

Top Pick
Dual Electronics SBP8A 8 inch illumiNITE Powered Car Subwoofer

Rating: 3.8/5

#8. Dual Electronics SBP8A


  • 12” subwoofer with peak power handling up to 160 Watts
  • Frequency Range between 20Hz – 200Hz
  • 2” Voice Coils vastly increases output efficiency
  • Durable rubber surround

The Dual Electronics SBP8A comes with a perfect combination of subwoofer and amp that is enough to surprise you how powerful this small unit it. It is indeed one of the most typical, inexpensive and yet highly powerful subwoofers in this review.

Usually, the level of power it offering is unusual and unexpected from this subwoofer that has the power handling of only 160 Watts, it is almost more than enough if I look at this small 8-inch cone.

The build quality is awesome and looks great especially with blue lighting effects that improve the overall look of this unit. It is in fact, it’s a front acrylic window that is when powered Illuminates cool blue illumination. It is quite an impressive view.

But superficial appearance is not all that this small unit has, it is also packed with some of the great features – a 2-inch voice coil with a clear midrange frequency and a low impedance of 2 ohms which enable you to connect to this subwoofer with thin wiring. Apart from this, it also comes with a lot of customization options that allow you to tune your bass up.

Moreover, this woofer is quite durable and solidly equipped with a steel backplate that offers great bass quality for more demanding music such as hip hop.

Despite its small-size woofer cone, it has a number of features and advantages that makes it a versatile and reliable solution and has great sound output. Especially, it is for those who are more inclined towards the beauty of superficial appearance and this unit has that all catchy look.


  • Front of woofer illuminates
  • Steel backplate to reduce vibrations
  • Rich music customization options at the back
  • 2 inches voice coil for midrange clarity
  • Doesn’t consume a lot of power
  • Efficient design


  • Not much powerful
  • Quite expensive

How to Buy a Powered Car Subwoofer

Are you looking to revamp your car sound system then you need nothing except a quality subwoofer that can really improve your overall listening experience. There are loads of options available to choose from, so how would you know which one is right for you.

The best approach is looking at all possible factors including your music preferences, space availability, and finally the budget which would help you understand exactly what you need.

1. Mapping the Space Availability With the Size of the Subwoofer

This is the first and the most important factor you need to look at. No matter how good your subwoofer is, it would be of no use if it doesn’t fit into the space available in your car. You must ensure your car has enough space for the subwoofer you want to purchase. So take time to consider the dimensions of both. If you are looking to place the subwoofer under the car seat then it is important to ensure that there is enough height.

2. Subwoofer Should Blend in With Your Car’s Interior

How well a sub blends in with your car’s interior the better it looks. These subwoofers are designed to match with the interior of your car; hence these are available in different colors. You can choose the one that fits your car’s interior and looks pretty well with less visibility.

3. Power Handling Capacity

How much power a sub can handle is a clear indication of its loudness. The higher the power handling capacity would be, the louder the woofer’s sound would be. But peak power handling is not everything.

RMS power handling is more important that is responsible for giving more realistic sound output. When you purchase a sub, make sure there is balance between the sub’s power handling and the amp’s power output.

4. Types of Enclosure

The quality of sound heavily depends on the type of enclosure you have. There are mainly two types of enclosures a sealed and a vented enclosure.

Generally, sealed enclosures are the best as they tend to give the deepest and the most accurate sound effect. Ported enclosures can be your choice if you need it for larger spaces where more volume is required.

5. Sensitivity – an Indication to Woofer’s Efficiency

Sensitivity rating determines how efficient your subwoofer is. The higher the sensitivity rating would be, the more efficient the subwoofer would be, as both go hand-in-hand.

The higher sensitivity takes less power to produce the same level of sound. So, make sure you do check the sensitivity rating of the device.

6. Tuning options – for More Versatility

Without tuning options, it would be difficult to take full advantage of a subwoofer. However, nowadays, tuning options come with all types of subwoofers.

They are usually equipped with bass boost EQ and low pass filters at the back that helps you tune the bass as per your preference and a car’s acoustic requirements, while, some high quality subwoofers can be remotely controlled.

7. Size of the Woofer

Don’t assume that the only bigger size sub will produce loud volume; even the smaller subs can produce extremely loud music that can shake your bones. So, don’t go with the size, only focus on sensitivity, type of enclosure, power handling and what all it has to offer you.

8. Frequency Range

The higher the frequency range of a subwoofer, the more efficient it is at playing both highs and lows of the bass. So, make sure you choose the subs with greater frequency ranges as this determine how “low” it can produce a sound.

But it is also important to know that this is not only a frequency range that affects the bass performance but several other things such as the type of enclosure affects the performance.

Pro’s and Con’s of Powered Subwoofer

Knowing the pros and cons of powered subwoofers is a great way to have a deep insight into the product that helps us to make a better decision about the product so that we can achieve the best value for invested money.
Let’s have a look at them.


If you have to add a subwoofer in your car by installing each component separately, then it would surely be a very time consuming task as well as it would also require a little bit experience but thanks to this powered subwoofer that has everything already done, you only need to plug it in. It has all pre-set settings for matching up the amplifier. An enclosure also comes along with the subwoofer so there is no scope for mismatching of subwoofer to the enclosure which results in the best performance of the subwoofer.
Due to its enclosed design, it can be easily carried anywhere you need. It has everything within the enclosure so there is less possibility of getting anything damaged while shifting from one place to another.
Give the Best value for money
Imagine, if you have to purchase everything separately be it is the woofer, amplifier or enclosure, the cost is sure to go up to approx. $500 which far higher than the amount you would actually pay for the Best Powered Subwoofer Car. And if you go for a powered car subwoofer that has everything all-inclusive will merely cost you maximum up to $200 which is less than half of that amount. So, it is clear that from a money point of view, powered subwoofers for the car are great options when you need to revamp your existing music system.
Most of the subwoofers are versatile that offer you the flexibility to adjust the functionalities of the unit. Some of the subwoofers can either be remotely controlled for making any kind of adjustments to have powerful bass or have powerful bass customization options at the back of the sub.
Ease of use
The ease of use is another factor which makes it highly convenient for beginners. This is quick to install a simple device that doesn’t demand anything except plugging it into the port and tuning the bass for your music preferences
Space Saving
This is one of the genuine reasons why we should prefer to have a subwoofer for our car. Being tremendously small in size it can be fit anywhere in the car without sacrificing on space whether you want it to be under the seat or at the back of the car.


All the best things do have weaknesses and powered subwoofers for the car also have a few disadvantages:

  • This is the fact that the quality of in-built amplifier is quite inferior to the external speakers.
  • These subwoofers come with small drivers which result in less powerful sound as well as less boom which may affect the overall your listening experience.
  • You can only get the typical brands of the subwoofers and the amplifiers in Powered Subwoofers. You do not have the option of making a choice for subwoofer or external amplifier.


If you are looking for convenience without sacrificing the cost then choose any subwoofer out of this top rated list, you are assured to be satisfied and pleased with the output of the unit.

However, each and every subwoofer given here in the list has all the features and qualities you can expect from a high-class subwoofer but there is one subwoofer which we found the best of all and we would love to share what is special about that device.

Our recommendation is Rockford Fosgate Powered Subwoofer. Here are the reasons why:

  • It has truly an excellent build construction that produces superb bass.
  • The quality of deep sound it produces, many brands are still competing with it to reach that level.
  • However it requires more space for installation yet we recommend it for its amazing customization options, the convenience of use and durability.