A good subwoofer adds a new definition and power to the sound and makes you feel like it’s coming out from a real band. This is a component that can add life to the dead sound of your old stereo system. And fortunately, it doesn’t cost you much even if you choose from the top brands. And installation is also quite easy and clean.

The only thing you need to know is what to look for and what to ask when purchasing a subwoofer and this article is all about making you aware of the facts. So you can go ahead and purchase the best car subwoofer with confidence.

Let’s have a look at the top Rated Subwoofers for Cars that have been reviewed by our most experienced car audio experts.

Best Rated Car Subwoofer to Buy

Top Pick
Best Car Speakers - Pioneer

Rating: 4.5/5

#1. JL Audio 10TW3-D4


  • 10″ subwoofer with dual 4-ohm voice coils
  • Shallow-mount design with small airspace requirements
  • Mica-filled polypropylene cone with rubber surround
  • Power range: 100-400 watts RMS
  • Peak power handling: 800 watts
  • Frequency response: 24-200 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 82.1 dB

If you need something to make your heart beat faster but you don’t have enough space, JL Audio 10TW3-D4 is only meant for you. With 400 watts RMS and 800 watts peak power, this super thin 10” sub kick out some serious bass within a very limited space. Thus you can enjoy big bass with lot of free space.

Along with the high performance, this small unit doesn’t give up on durability; the cast alloy frame stands only 3.25” and increases its lifespan. The tough polypropylene cone with rubber surround doesn’t flex even under high power or extended period of use. The special design keeps the unit cool no matter how long you’re going to play it. And the dual 4-ohm voice coil best compliments its mono amplifier that altogether gives a truly rocking performance. Overall, this is the Best Car Subwoofer for Deep Bass.


  • Compact design
  • Solid deep bass
  • Tough material
  • Increased lifespan


  • Couldn’t find any noticeable flaw
Top Pick
Best Car Speakers - Pioneer

Rating: 4.5/5

#2. Rockford Fosgate P300


  • 12 inch Punch Series subwoofer
  • Power handling RMS is 300 watts, and the peak is 600 watts
  • Remote controller for adjusting the bass level
  • Frequency response of 35 – 200 Hz
  • Variable bass booster
  • Auto turn on/off function

If you’re ready to sacrifice the space of an inch or two, this surprisingly powerful Rockford Fosgate P300 is the best choice for you. It’s a perfect match of the enclosure, sub, and amp that releases you from the burden of matching up the sub with a compatible amp and an enclosure.

It has a very solid cover made from 5/8” medium density fiberboard that is good for trapping sound to produce the quality bass you want. This solid body also works best against heat and humidity.

Another cool feature it has is it’s easy to connect and disconnect power connectors that make the removal of the unit far easier especially when you need to remove it temporarily.

It has a built-in 300-watt amplifier and a remote bass level control, with that you can easily tune up the level of the amplifier from the driver’s seat itself.

And the closed loop design adds a powerful impact in the sound and enriches it with deep bass. Each feature of this subwoofer is developed to expand the convenience and performance of both. The amazing build quality and plenty of features make this sub one of the Best Car Subwoofer in the World.


  • Solid cover
  • Sufficient volume
  • Voltage protection
  • Affordable and easy to install
  • Quick connection and disconnection of the power connector


  • Bigger than normal subwoofers
Top Pick
Best Car Speakers - Pioneer

Rating: 4.5/5

#3. Orion HCCA12 12″ Car Subwoofer


  • Orion HCCA12 12″ car subwoofer
  • Power 2000 watts
  • Polypropylene cone woofer
  • Rubber tri-radius symmetrical surround
  • Dual flat Conex spiders with loop stitched tinsel leads

With 2000 watts of tremendous power, Orion HCCA12 is going to make you feel the bass rather than merely hearing it. Whether you look at its cone shaped design, dimensions or weight, this is certainly one of the heaviest subwoofers that may cause you little trouble while installing it. But when it starts producing the booming sound, you will easily forget this downside.

The Orion has upgraded this subwoofer with a whole new voice coil that improves the power performance as well as helps the sub with amazing temperature control ability. The tri-radius symmetrical surround and the dual convex spiders are other features that improve the overall efficiency of the sub.

And the best thing is that it comes with the replacement offer of the voice coil, cone, and spider means you can play it as hard as you want.


  • Clear and loud bass
  • Efficient design
  • Solidly built


  • It is pretty heavy
Top Pick
Best Car Speakers - Pioneer

Rating: 4.5/5

#4. MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D


  • Sealed enclosure with two 12″ Terminator subwoofers
  • Medium-density fiberboard construction covered with carpet
  • 2-ohm total impedance
  • Power handling: 200-400 watts RMS (1200 watts peak power)
  • Frequency response: 37-150 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 86.4 dB

This dual 12” terminator subwoofer can immensely improve the sound quality of your sound system at a quite reasonable price point. With 200 watts of RMS power, each sub can produce some serious punchy bass within the sealed enclosure that is made of medium density fiberboard.

Of course, it is big in size but it justifies it with its optimum sound quality. It kicks hard even during an extended period of use. The sophisticated spider plateau venting pushes the air in and out to keep the voice coil cool and the special design ensures the linear movement of the cone. So no matter how long you’re going to play the sound, this powerful sub will keep producing the accurate bass.

It’s nowhere less than a premium subwoofer whether you look at its design, color, or embroidered logo. It adds a nice touch to your car’s interior too.


  • Distinctive look
  • Pretty easy to fit
  • Produces loud, clean, and crisp bass
  • Durable construction
  • Affordable price


  • Eats up much space in your car trunk
Top Pick
Best Car Speakers - Pioneer

Rating: 4.5/5

#5. Pioneer TS-WX1210A


  • 12 inch enclosed subwoofer
  • Cellulose fiber cone + urethane surround
  • Built-in amplifier
  • 300 watts RMS and 1300 watts peak power
  • Sensitivity rating – 114 dB
  • Frequency response – 20 Hz to 125 Hz

The Pioneer TS-WX1210A subwoofer can make your sound system come alive with its built-in class D amplifier and 350 watts RMS. It features a cellulose fiber cone and urethane surround inside a cabinet built from MDF fiberboard that is only meant for clean loud bass.

You would also appreciate its frequency range that is from 20 Hz to 125 Hz and sensitivity rating of 114 dB that are enough to produce a rattling sound. If you consider its look, the solid enclosure with gray carpet finish gives it a distinct look that suits almost any car interior.

Its unique trapezoid shape of the enclosure supports for high rigidity as well as makes the installation more flexible with the ability to get installed easily under the seat.

The plenty of controls help you shape the sound to your taste and produce the tight and clear sound even at extreme volumes. After considering every aspect of this sub with great attention, we found that this is one of the great car subwoofers with amplifiers available in the market.


  • Great installation flexibility
  • Durable and scratch resistant surface
  • High output and low distortion
  • Innovative trapezoid shape
  • Enhanced user control


  • If you need something to vibrate the whole neighborhood then you should look elsewhere
Top Pick
Best Car Speakers - Pioneer

Rating: 4.5/5

#6. Rockville RW10CA 10


  • Rockville RW10CA 800 Watt 10″ Slim Car Subwoofer
  • 800 Watts Peak / 200 Watts RMS
  • Adjustable Input Sensitivity
  • High Level Inputs with Auto Turn-On Technology
  • Thermal Protection Circuit, Short Protection Circuit
  • Soft Delayed Remote Turn-On

Rockville RW10CA 10 is the most compact and slim all-in-one car subwoofer that fits easily almost anywhere. With great control options such as subsonic filter, a crossover filter, and the phase control, it lets you tweak the sound to your taste. And because this subwoofer is CEA compliant, the peak power rating of 800 watts and a RMS rating of 200 watts are validated by the third party, so you can trust its power rating without a doubt.

Its high-level inputs are other big reasons to make it a worthy choice for everyone. With high level inputs, it makes the installation quite easier, you can simply use the high level input and wire it to your speaker. The built-in amplifier also takes the hassle out from the installation and the entire set up goes through easy and clean wiring.

It comes with auto turn on/off technology which means it gets turned on automatically when you turn on the stereo. If you’re looking for quality sound with the lower price tag, get this Best Budget Car Subwoofer.


  • Slim and compact design
  • Best placement of inputs and outputs on one side
  • Low price
  • Auto turn on/off
  • Super easy installation


  • The bass output is not as strong as expected
Top Pick
Best Car Speakers - Pioneer

Rating: 4.5/5

#7. Kenwood KSC-SW11 Compact Powered Enclosed Subwoofer For Car


  • Compact powered subwoofer
  • Aluminum enclosure with 8-1/4″ x 5-1/8″ sub
  • Built-in amplifier: 75 watts RMS power (150 watts maximum)
  • Wired remote controls
  • Power/ground wiring harness
  • Preamp- (RCA) and speaker-level inputs
  • Frequency response: 35-125 Hz

This exceptionally small rectangular shaped subwoofer easily fits under tight spaces. Despite the small size, it doesn’t compromise with sound quality and the amount of bass it produces. Its performance is almost above average in every aspect.

However, the sound controls are not much impressive includes only three controls – two dials for the volume, crossover frequency, and a phase control switch. But the low frequency response it delivers that is equivalent to any larger subwoofer. And the wired remote control provides better access from the front seat.

The aluminum enclosure and durable built-in amplifier with 75 watts RMS are enough to break the ice. And it also includes wiring harness and mounting brackets so that you can install this unit entirely on your own without needing any professional. You can’t go wrong with it if you are looking for the Best Powered Subwoofer Car.


  • Small and compact
  • Pretty simple installation
  • Deep and clean bass
  • Remote control
  • Durable construction
  • Mounting brackets included


  • The high price tag is the only real drawback
Top Pick
Best Car Speakers - Pioneer

Rating: 4.5/5

#8. CT Sounds 8 Inch Car Audio Subwoofer


  • 800 watts RMS and 1600 watts peaks power
  • 5” Dual voice coil
  • High quality rubber surround with a beautiful finish
  • Double stitched treated paper cone
  • Y35 graded triple stacked ferrite magnet
  • Dual 4 ohm impedance

The 800 watts RMS and 1600 watts peaks power translates to a quite powerful audio performance that makes it a perfect upgrade for any car’s music system. The overall look of the sub is clean and stylish that easily blends with all types of a car interior.

If it is installed with correct gauge wiring, the sound can be more impressive. You will be surprised with the seamless performance of the dual voice coil, Y35 graded triple stacked ferrite magnet, double stitched treated paper cone, and the solid basket frame. They work together to complement this massive power.

This subwoofer is highly versatile and fits almost all types of vehicles irrespective of their model. Thanks to its 2.5” dual voice coil that makes it the best fit for all types of music systems.


  • Excellent sound
  • Strong basket frame
  • Incredible sound volume
  • Fair price


  • Can suffer thermal breakdown when played consistently at a high power input
Top Pick
Best Car Speakers - Pioneer

Rating: 4.5/5

#9. KICKER 11HS8 8


  • 8” compact powered subwoofer
  • Built-in 150 watts RMS amplifier
  • Frequency response: 25-120 Hz
  • Variable low-pass crossover (50-120 Hz)
  • Variable phase control (0 or 180 degrees)
  • Bass boost control (0dB to +6dB)
  • Auto turn-on switch and wired remote control

You’re sure to get surprised with its impressive low frequency output that is far unexpected from this small enclosure. It’s an all-inclusive compact and ultra-portable subwoofer, packed with a powerful built-in 150 watts RMS amplifier and an 8” subwoofer. With this much power, it delivers rich bass that makes the sound deep and punchy.

The remote bass control lets you adjust the bass level with great ease while the two automatic turn-on options give you more convenience in a compact vehicle.

It also includes nylon straps and a quick disconnect harness that make the installation easier even in the interior of the vehicles for optimum performance.

The only thing that can bother you is its hefty price tag which is almost double the price of any other common subwoofer. But it provides you everything you will need and would require almost nothing extra from you except that finding a mounting place for it.


  • All-in-one unit
  • Plays the music quite loud
  • Consistent sound clarity
  • Compact and ultra-portable


  • It has a quite hefty price tag
Top Pick
Best Car Speakers - Pioneer

Rating: 4.5/5

#10. Rockford Fosgate PS-8


  • 8″ powered shallow-mount subwoofer
  • Built-in Class-D amplifier (150 watts RMS)
  • Adjustable 12 dB/octave crossover
  • Onboard Punch EQ control
  • Remote bass level controller included
  • High/low-level input select
  • 3-way (remote/DC offset/signal sense) turn-on select
  • Power, ground, and turn-on wires and mounting hardware included

Without taking much space, this Punch Series PS-8 easily fits under the rear seat and lets you enjoy some serious bass. It has a perfect combination of a built-in amplifier with a 150 watts continuous output and 8” shallow mount sub. With such a high-end configuration, it gives you some rocking performance throughout its use.

The closed loop design makes the sound more refined by enabling the best performance between woofer, amplifier, and the enclosure. The amazing set of sound controls includes the Punch EQ control, adjustable low pass crossover, and selectable phase control. It helps you tune up the bass to your liking.

It also comes with a high solid body that protects it from scrapes and bumps while taking in and out from the vehicle.

There are three different turn-on modes to choose from to increase the level of comfort. The wired remote control brings more ease of use by allowing you to adjust the bass right from the driver’s seat. It also includes all required mounting hardware, so you can install it much effortlessly. Overall, this is one of the best subwoofers for the car in the car audio market.


  • Smooth installation
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Various bass control options
  • Acts like a larger subwoofer
  • Reasonable price tag


  • Overall performance is not much impressive

How to Choose the Right Car Subwoofer – Buyer’s Guide

To find the right sub you will need to pay close attention to a few important things that make the subwoofer good. Here are those important factors that need to be taken into consideration while buying a car subwoofer.

What to Look for When Buying a Car Subwoofer

1. Power

It depends on the power how louder and cleaner the bass would be. So if you’re looking for a rattling sound make sure you choose the subwoofer that has a high power rating. And if you’re fine with a reasonable deep bass, any subwoofer with lower to average power rating will do best.

The power rating is given in two forms – RMS power rating and peak power rating. First of all, look at the RMS rating of the sub thereafter consider the peak power.

2. Sensitivity

Sensitivity rating is another one of the most important aspects of a subwoofer that determines how much power a sub will need to produce a specific amount of sound. The higher the power rating would be, the lesser the amount of power would be needed.

A sub with a higher sensitivity rating uses less power to produce the same amount of sound that the sub with a lower sensitivity rating. So consider a sub with a higher sensitivity rating especially if you have a high-powered amplifier. In this way only the components will complement each other.

3. Frequency Range

We highly recommend you to go with a subwoofer with a greater frequency range because it confirms the sub will perform best both at highs and lows of the bass irrespective of the genre of the music.

But remember that it is not only the frequency range, the design and shape of the subwoofer also plays a great role in making the sound impactful.

4. Voice Coils

It is good to go with a sub with a single voice coil that is much inexpensive as well as takes you through an easy installation process. And if you compare the performance there is not much difference.

But if the cost doesn’t matter a lot for you and you really want to add rich bass to your sound system then choose the one with the dual voice coil. It does provide amazing sound quality overall.

5. Design and Material

Through the design and build quality of the components, you can easily determine how better it’s going to perform overall. Especially, look at the material used for making the cone; it needs to be strong and lightweight just like polypropylene or carbon.

The cone surround is also a critical part of the unit. The material used for making the surround must be durable, lightweight, and free moving so that it can allow the cone to move with as little energy possible.

As if now you’ve acquired great stuff and knowledge about subwoofers that is enough to save you from going anywhere wrong while finding the right sub. However, you have come across each and every aspect of a good subwoofer but you’ve missed out on the enclosure size that is easily overlooked by most of us.

But here it is important to know that the wrong size enclosure can make the sound pretty awful even with the best car subwoofers. The right shape and size of the enclosure make the sound more impactful. So make sure you keep this factor at the top in your list. If you strictly follow our guidelines it’s impossible to be fooled by exaggerated wrong claims.